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As almost every day multiple new technologies are introduced to the aesthetic arena, the most appropriate use of these technologies remains a challenge to practicing cosmetic physicians. The common goals of all aesthetic rejuvenation programs include attention to reducing cutaneous rhytides as part of the aging process. Homogenous skin pigmentation, as related to vascularity, as well as increased or decreased melanin content are also of importance. Patients also like smooth and tight skin. Technologies that shrink sebaceous glands and induce both tightening and synthesis of new collagen are able to accomplish these goals. These could be achieved by combination of topical creams, chemical peels, botulinum toxin injections, lasers, ultrasonic waves and radio frequency waves. Finally, volume replacement is increasingly being recognized and addressed, which may be accomplished through multiple modalities, including denervation of hyperkinetic muscle tone and judicious use of fillers.
Recently, there has been a renewed interest in the technique of mesotherapy as a method of reducing subcutaneous fat for body contouring. Mesotherapy can involve 8 to 300 injections per treatment; treatments are weekly or every other week. The number of treatments varies and ranges between 3 and 15 injection sessions, depending on the condition. Mesotherapy has been used for several years in Europe and South America for body contouring and has been advocated as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. Mesotherapy for fat reduction often is used in conjunction with dietary modification, exercise, and nutritional supplements.
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Nose Surgery Chennai ,Nose Surgery India , Nose Surgery
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